Haeily Jeon is a photographer, published Author, and TV show writer
working with candid perspective into people and society.
She studied Linguistics and Sociology in her twenties for a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, 
which impacts her worldview and philosophy of art works.
She explores the world to look for various forms of human lives, 
to seek human dignity on the basis of admiring cultural diversities 
with some Anthropology approaches.

Being connected to others is her purpose of writing and photography. 
She strongly believes that human beings can recover humanities 
by connection and solidarity with other people.
Her published works include a photo-essay [A month in Paris], 
a travel essay  [Traveling and Eating alone in Hanoi] (written in Korean). 
Prior to her author career she wrote for TV shows
in a major public broadcasting company in South Korea. 
Jeon currently works in writing and photography based in Vietnam and South Korea.
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